Video includes pictures from several years of Sundstedt’s career…

(5-31-17) The 2017 All-NIC 10 Conference Boys Volleyball team was just announced.


  • Connor McKenzie

All NIC 10  Selections

  • Connor McKenzie
  • Omar Diaz
  • Mitchell Wannahwali

Coach of the Year

  • Tina Sundstedt

When asked about being named coach of the year this is how Tina Sundstedt replied:

I’m so happy for my kids they so deserve it

Sundstedt has been a main stay in volleyball at Guilford since 1986 when she was an Assistant coach until 1998. She was named the Guilford Head Coach after Deb Rydberg unexpectedly passed away (1998) and took over as the head coach until 2014.

Non-renewed as the Vikings coach by RPS 205 Administration (no explanation given at the the time). It didn’t take her long to find an assistant’s job as she started Coaching at Boylan the following season and still is on staff for the Titans.

Sundstedt became the Guilford boys coach when the program started in 2014 and remains in that position today, the only coach the program has had.

Coach Sundstedt shares her thoughts in both boys and girls volleyball.

Volleyball has been and is my life!!

I really don’t know my records and don’t really care. I coach because of the love of the game! Softball is by far my favorite sport to play but volleyball is my favorite sport to coach!! There have been many ups and downs in my career but that’s they way life is!! I love watching players and programs grow and develop. I don’t care what school your from, if you want to learn volleyball I will be there to help you. The best feeling is when a player contacts you and says thanks!! I have been able to watch players grow into mature adults, attend weddings, celebrate births, graduations, and coach players childeren.  If I didn’t love to coach I would have been gone along time ago!!



Don’t know for sure, but I’m sure it is over 300 wins!



Do you remember your first victory for Girls and Boys:

I will be very honest with you I can’t recall my first victory for either team, but I can tell you there are special games in my mind.

Rockford City Challenge Champions

Girls Volleyball:

  • 2003-Guilford vs Freeport in Regional Final- Guiford wins 20-25, 27-25, 25-14
  • 2003-Sectional – 1st Round vs Geneso – Guilford wins 25-12, 25-11
  • 2005 – Regional Champs vs Sycamore 25-23,23-25, 25-22
  • Sectional 1st Round – Guilford defeated Hononegah 13-25, 25-21, 25-22
  • 2006-Regional – Guilford defeated Boylan 25-16, 24-26, 25-10
  • 2008-Regional  – Guilford defeated Hononegah – 26-24, 25-19
 Rockford City Challenge Champions


Boys Volleyball:

  • 2015, 2016 Boys Regional Champions
  • 2014 Rockford City Challenge Champions
  • 2015 NIC 10 Conference Co -Champs
  • 2017 NIC 10 Conference Champs

Special Memories:

Overnight tournaments, tournament wins, regional wins, friendships, families, watching young players grow individually and mature into awesome young ladies. College players, graduations,weddings, babies. The best memory is most of my ballplayers have keeped in contact over the years. It’s absolutely amazing watching them grow up and sometimes I end up coaching their children.


Being part of the first boys program in the Rockford area! I have always dreamed of having Boys volleyball in the area and the growth is crazy!!!!!!!!!

Regional Champs!!!
Conference Champs!!
Rockford City Challenge Champs!
Signing of college scholarships for boys to go on and play college volleyball!!

Improvement of Boys Volleyball :

The improvement of boys volleyball has been incredible. There is middle school programs and Club teams, open gyms and sand volleyball. The boys in the area have embraced these opportunites and this is why Boys volleyball has taken off! The boys are eager to get better and they love the speed of the game. It’s very different than girls volleyball. Its only going to get better in the area and grow more and more!!

Keys to Success:

  • A great coaching staff!
  • Consistency!!!
  • Communication and Accountability!

Thank you’s:

My number one supporter is my husband and my kids. I have coached for 30 years and missed many dinners, sporting events , dances and school functions. I could not be the coach I am today without the three of them. I have had great mentors and coaching colleagues that have been by my side from the beginning of my career. Club volleyball has been a huge impact on my life, the families are part of my family circle. Volleyball has been a huge part of my life and I wouldn’t change that for anything in the world!

Here is a very special quote a player summed volleyball up with:

Your team becomes your family,the ball becomes your best friend, the court becomes your home, and the game becomes your life.

When the player read this to his teammates on Senior night as advice to younger players, I just knew that all my hard work was paying off.