(8-12-21) It is time for Celina and Coldwater to renew their gridiron rivalry after 30 years of not playing each other. The two neighbors over the years have played 44 times…the first time was in 1937 and the last time was in 1991. There was also a break from 1973 thru 1985 when the two teams did not play each other.

Celina, in the 10-team Western Buckeye League (WBL), has only one non-league date open in week one for scheduling, recently the Bulldogs have been playing the Midwest Athletic Conference’s (same league as Coldwater) Versailles Tigers. Coldwater has been opening the season against the WBL’s Kenton Wildcats, both schools football programs have been powerhouses in the recent past.

With 16 teams in a region qualifying for the playoffs computer points will not be as a big of an issue as in the past. Short drive for both teams, lots of fans and a classic match-up every season. It is a win-win for both schools.

The Series over the years…

Celina leads the All-Time series with a record of 26-17-1

The series was interrupted in 1973, in 1974 the Bulldogs would start a series with Greenville. That series would last until 1985, in 1986 the two Mercer County schools would renew their rivalry.

The last Coldwater-Celina game was in 1991 when the Bulldogs picked up a 40-7 win.

The first Celina-Coldwater game was in Coldwater’s 2nd season of playing football back in 1937. The Yellow Jackets (would become the Cavaliers in 1940-41) lost to Celina 20-0.

Did you know….

Turning back the clock…Celina and Coldwater girls and boys basketball teams will play each other this January in Knightstown, Indiana at the Hoosier Gym.