(5-22-23) Just when you thought you had seen it all in high school athletic conferences membership changes take place…along comes a surprise.

In a special board of education meeting on Sunday the Leipsic BOE decided to return to the Blanchard Valley Conference and leave the Northwest Conference (NWC) after a very short stay that started in 2021. It is the 2nd quick exit for Leipsic who was a NWC football only member and left the conference after the 1963 football season after joining in 1962.

The BVC has had a lot of membership changes over the past several years and has now added two members in less then a month, Leipsic and Ada, both from the NWC. Ada joined the BVC less then a month ago.

One issue still lingering in the BVC is the departure of Liberty-Benton who is the process of leaving the conference…thanks to a little nudge from member schools. BVC also will see North Baltimore and Cory-Rawson as future members of the Northwest Central Conference.

Leipsic Special Board of Education Meeting – 5-22-23