(6-20-17) In an unexpected moved the Kishwaukee River Conference (Illinois), after its first season of competition, has given one of the founding members the ‘boot’.  The KRC has voted out Burlington Central by a 5-1 vote because of projections that the school system will get too BIG, with Johnsburg voting no to the expulsion.

Richmond-Burton Athletic Director Pat Elder told the Northwest Herald:

“(Burlington) could be somewhere between 1,300 and 1,500 kid. At that point, you’re talking about a school that would be (almost) three times bigger than some schools in our league. People at Burlington are great people, we’ve had a great relationship with them over the years. But when some people in our league’s projections are what they are and our projections are what they are, you have to do what you think’s best for everybody involved.”

For the upcoming school year Burlington Central is just 22 students bigger than Woodstock andjosy 107 larger than Woodstock North. Interesting to note that Johnsburg the smallest KRC member voted to not remove BC.

Burlington Central, along with several other KRC members, was a member of the Big Northern Conference. The BNC was left with 11 members and like the KRC who had just 7 members had football scheduling issues.  With the loss of Burlington Central in two years, after the 2018-19 season, it is an issue that both conferences will have to deal with.  This past season they had worked together to schedule football and fill open dates in both conferences.

The Northern Illinois Big 12 has already shown an interest in adding Burlington  Central in the future.

Burlington Central Athletic Director Steve Diversey told the Chicago Tribune:

“We were one of the integral pieces in the formation of this conference. It definitely is not a favorable feeling.”

“But what can you do? It’s their choice.”

Kishwaukee River Conference

Current IHSA enrollments for the 2017-18 school year

  • Johnsburg 654
  • Harvard 678
  • Marengo 707
  • Richmond-Burton 727
  • Woodstock North 942
  • Woodstock 1,027
  • Burlington Central 1,049