(6-25-21) The Thornton Fractional Township High School District 215 board of education on 6-22-21 voted down a proposal to adopt Redwolves as the nickname for the Thornton Fractional South school’s sports teams.

Members voted 4-2 against approving the change….Andrea Ballard, Christopher Dodd, Diana Jackson and Morgan Waller voted against the name, while Richard Dust and Rita Oberman voted for it…member Marcie Wilson was absent for the vote.

Almost a year ago the school board voted unanimously on August 25th, 2020 to remove the Rebels as the mascot. While the Ritchie Rebel mascot and Confederate flag imagery were removed several years ago.

From the August 25th Board of Education Meeting –

Students were asked to select a new mascot – only 366 students of 1,874 eligible students voted in the nickname poll, which was conducted using email. Redwolves received 44% of the votes, followed by Redhawks with 29.2% and Flying Aces with 26.8%.

Memo in agenda package from 6-22-21 BOE meeting

It might be noted that when a remove the Rebels as a mascot survey was sent to all active TF South students they received responses from 325 students, 41 less students voted on this survey then those who voted on the selection of a new mascot. 70% of those who voted supported changing the Rebels name.

From 8-25-2020 BOE Agenda Packet

So what’s next? Good question, only time will tell.