(7-17-17) The IHSAA released its 2018-19 Baseball and Softball Classifications.

IHSAA Release

2018-19 IHSAA BB and SB


In the Stateline area, Jay County and Bellmont will both be in Class AAA. The Patriots are the third school listed in the class, while Bellmont is the 58th out of 98 schools in the class. Northview moves up to AAAA due to the success factor, while New Palastine, Jasper and Connersville also move up to the higher class.

Complete Baseball Classifications

2018-19 IHSAA Baseball

Adams Central and South Adams are 72nd and 78th out of 98 schools. Lanesville move up to AA due to the success factor.


Complete Baseball Classifications

Jay County and Bellmont both are in AAA at 7th and 63rd out of 95 schools. The AAA schools moved up to AAAA, Kanakee Valley, Leo and Gibson Southern due to the success factor. Leo and Southern are both smaller in numbers than Jay County and Southern is also below Bellmont.

2018-19 IHSAA Softball

In AA, Adams Central and South Adams are 75th and 79th out of 95 schools.