(8-7-22) The Western Ohio Athletic Conference (WOAC) will be one football school short this season. Bradford announced on August 3rd that they have cancelled their season.

Bradford Schools Superintendent Joe Hurst told the Daily Advocate

“Less than half, there was 15 kids, had any kind of high school football experience and right around half of those kids had any kind of football experience.”

Marcus Calvert, who was suppose to be the Railroaders coach left suddenly.

Hurst said –

“He withdrew and said he wasn’t going to coach with us and wouldn’t be able to be a teacher either. That was another spin on things and because of that, we lost more kids.”

WOAC member schools are already in the process to replace Bradford on the schedule.

The Railroaders are a D VII school in Region 28 and were scheduled to open the season at Middletown Christian.

The cancellation of the season comes in the midst of the school district who has been working on an upgrade to the football facilities, no word on if that project will be put on hold.