(UPDATED 1-12-17)

the results of the Parkway Stadium survey

The Parkway Board of Education received the results of the Parkway Stadium Survey in a presentation from middle school principal Brian Woods.  According to Woods 432 community members took the survey, including students, adults, former players and former students.

Parkway School Superintendent Greg Puthoff gives a brief update on the survey.

Below you can see the options that were on the survey.

In a related story in the Findlay Courier update on the McComb BOE meeting last night concerning issues at their football field.

According to the story McComb Transportation and Maintenance Supervisor Luke Ewing told the board:

The district had been told by Phelan Insurance Agency that it needed to either replace or renovate the bleachers at Doc Miller Field because the open space under each row of seating was a liability. That space will be enclosed in the new bleachers, so that children cannot slip through and trash cannot be thrown underneath.

The Board would go to approve the $461,000 bleacher replacement project .


(1-1-17) In the Midwest Athletic Conference football is a BIG deal.  The Parkway School Board, Boosters and community are looking at the future of the program via the upgrading of the infrastructure and/or moving of the football field to a new location.

On December 6th the Parkway Booster Club presented a Power Point that gave several possible ideas on where the Panthers will play in the future. Three options have been presented for consideration.

Power Point Presentation

Parkway Current Home Stands

Stadium Options (All costs are rough estimates)
1.New Home Bleachers and Press Box on the East Side  ($400,000)
2.New Home Bleachers and Press Box on West Side & New Visitors Bleachers on East Side ($600,000)
3.  Move the Football Stadium to the Track ($1.5-$2.0 million)

Parkway track location

The situation at Parkway will have to be funded and there are several options available to  pay for the options selected.
Options #1 and #2
Will be paid through district Permanent Improvement Funds. (No additional taxpayer expense)

Option #3
We will have to put up a bond issue.

The location of the field is also an issue, keep the long-time current location or move it to the current track location.

Possible Expenses with Moving to the Track

Concession/Restrooms $350,000
New Home Bleachers/Press Box $400,000
New Visitors Bleachers $200,000
Lights $225,000
Scoreboard and 25 second Clock $40,000
Perimeter Fencing  $20,000
Perimeter Paving $30,000
Field Upgrades $30,000
Sprinkler System $20,000
Electricity $15,000
Locker Rooms ???
Design/Architectural Fees  ???

Community input has been requested and a survey is online (see link below) and is open until January 3rd. Survey results will be presented to the BOE on their January 10th meeting.

The Process

  • Community Input Survey (Please complete survey)
  • Survey open through January 3, 2017.
  • Survey results to BOE on January 10, 2017.
  • Board recommendation to begin bid process.

Likely Completion Dates
Option #1-#2 –
August 2017, August 2018 at latest

Option #3 –
August 2018 at earliest, possibly August 2019

Parkway Support at current field