Skip Baughman Stadium- Stadium picture courtesy of Michael Hirn

(2-24-17) The future of Skip Baughman Stadium as the home of the St. Marys Roughriders could see a big change in the near future if a fund-raising project is successful.

Fundraising already has started to help move forward a plan to construct a new football stadium at the high school/middle school property (just off of US 33) and would be built around the existing artificial-turf field and the 10-lane track. The Roughriders Philanthropic Association is looking for donations to build a $6 million stadium that would have a seating capacity of  3,800 to 4,000 fans, that would also have over  1,400 parking places available on game nights.

The plan would call for Skip Baughman Stadium to be dismantled and removed.

Dan Burke, who is the Secretary/Treasurer of the Roughriders Philanthropic Association, told the Celina Daily Standard:

“We are, in my opinion, at a crossroads with the football stadium here in St. Marys. We’re at the point now that the current Skip Baughman Stadium has a lot of issues.”

The City of St. Marys might consider the current stadium property as part of the recreational program if funding can be found.

Proposed St. Marys Stadium

Planners on Wednesday shared conceptual drawings of a possible new stadium. The drawing is the most recent plan to be considered if private funding is raised.

What would the new stadium  be named? No word on what is being considered, however; there are plans to place a memorial of some kind to Skip Baughman at the new location.

The future of high school football stadiums in the Stateline area and surrounding communities has been quite active in 2017.  WBL member Van Wert and MAC members Coldwater and Parkway are looking at possible renovations or changes for the future.


Eggerss Stadium – courtesy The Cougar’s Roar


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