Coldwater Cavalier Stadium (Coldwater Schools)

Coldwater is one of the top high school football programs in Ohio and now it is also hoping to make their playing facilities one of the top sites as well. Coldwater schools will be considering field turf installation for the future of Cavalier Stadium.  It would be the first Mercer County school to have a turf football field.

Coldwater schools have placed a slideshow and and a survey for school district residents to view and give input on the possible upgrade of the facility.

View Cavalier Stadium Field Turf Slideshow

Online Survey

The school system’s  slideshow gives some information on upfront costs, savings and information from area schools (Sidney, Allen East, Northmont, Piqua, Wapakoneta and
Clinton Massie) who already have field turf for football.

Some of the highlights in the presentation:

  • upfront costs $500,000 – $550,000
  • 34% of Ohio schools have turf
  • save field maintenance cost of $25,000 per year (10 year savings – $250,000)
  • Income opportunities hosting play-off football games
  • current condition of field, fungus, grubs and water retention

Coldwater is the second MAC and Mercer County school to be looking at upgrades to their football playing facilities.  Parkway is presently looking at a possible upgrade of the current facility or moving it to a new location.

Cavalier Stadium current – Cavalier Rendering with turf (Coldwater Schools)