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(5-21-17)  The RPS 205 Board of Education has on its agenda this week to hire a new AD at Auburn.

Brad Pemberton is set to replace current Auburn AD Sean Norton who resigned earlier this year.  Pembereton is presently a PE Teacher and Athletic Director at Kennedy Middle School. The Rockford University grad has been at Kennedy since 2014 and this will be his first position in a high school setting. He is also the coach of the boys basketball and boys volleyball teams at Kennedy. His only other teaching experience was at Cloverdale Elementary School in Carol Stream as a PE teacher.

Pemberton is being hired as a 12-month position Dean, the same position that East AD Gary Griffin was employed as shortly after he took over the E-Rab AD job.  The Dean job description does not have the same educational requirements as an Assistant Principal/Athletic Director do, which includes needing a Masters Degree and a Type 75 Administrative Certificate.

Also the BOE will be looking to approve (former Auburn AD Sean) Norton as a 10 month  Assistant Principal at RESA Middle School.

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