Ejected: Parma (Gronowski, Tromenko, Humbel, Gray, Hausler, Herb), Elyria Catholic (Warfield, Wright, Damron, Palmer, Walsh, Holley, Barhorst, Trockley, Constantino, Przbylski).

The Elyria Catholic-Parma boys high school basketball game saw the ejection of 16 players, six from Parma and ten from Elyria Catholic after an incident with  2:54 left in the game saw  players from both teams dive for a loose ball, that would turn into a bench-clearing brawl. The game was delayed for 30 minutes.

Punches were thrown during the incident, Elyria Catholic’s Donovan Warfield and Parma’s Dylan Herb each received a technical foul, besides being ejected for instigating the fight.

An automatic ejection was given to any player who left the bench to participate in the incident. Elyria Catholic should have been down to four players, but the referees decided to allow one of the ejected players to remain in the game so they would have five players to finish the game.

Is there a rule that allows an ejected player to finish the game?

Veteran official Pat Houseworth tell us this:

No way, the game would have been allowed to continue with 4, but ejected players are never allowed to return, same as a fouled out player…you can finish with 4 but a guy who fouls out or is ejected cannot return no matter the circumstance.

According to the Ohio High School Athletic Association rules, players who are ejected will be suspended for the next two games.


Parma was scheduled to play Holy Name tonight, after last night’s ejections the six will not be able to play tonight. Elyria Catholic is scheduled to play Vermilion on Wednesday night minus the 10 who were ejected.

Oh yeah…Parma won 52-51.