UPDATED – 2-7-18

The following was posted on Ft. Recovery Radio’s Facebook page from Ft. Recovery school administrators –

fr reply

(2-3-18) Ft. Recovery Internet Radio issued a statement today on Twitter why they have not been allowed to cover Midwest Athletic Conference games recently.

The statement issues an apology to those offended by

…’disparaging comments made toward opposing players and schools’…

and the hopes to see the situation approve and be allowed in the future to remain coverage of those games.

Local schools have an option to decide who can cover a game at their school, it is unusual for a school to deny a media outlet access to do that at the high school level.

The statement also asks those on both sides of the issue to stop posting negative comments on social media.

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Over the years coverage of high school sports has increased via other media sources, internet coverage is one of those.