Aaron Pearson
Aaron Pearson

(3-3-18) After eleven seasons Aaron Pearson has decided to step down as the Head Boys Basketball Coach at Belvidere.

Pearson wrote today on the Belvidere Basketball page why he has decided to step down and thanking those that have helped him during his time as the Bucs head coach.

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Pearson leaves with a career record of 158-169, but during that time he led Belvidere to their only NIC 10 title in school history. During the 2012-13 season, led by conference MVP Joe Byers, Belvidere  went 14-2 in conference play and 23-7 overall.

Aaron Pearson’s Career Coaching Record At Belvidere

2007-08 	14 	15 	  	Aaron Pearson
2008-09 	10 	18 	  	Aaron Pearson
2009-10 	 7 	21 	  	Aaron Pearson
2010-11 	 8 	20 	  	Aaron Pearson
2011-12 	17 	11 	  	Aaron Pearson
2012-13 	23 	 7* 	  	Aaron Pearson
2013-14 	21 	10 	  	Aaron Peasron
2014-15 	19 	11 	  	Aaron Pearson
2015-16 	16 	17 	  	Aaron Pearson
2016-17 	17 	14 	  	Aaron Pearson
2017-18		 6	25 	  	Aaron Pearson
Overall		158	169	

* Won NIC 10 Championship

Bryon Houy, who was AD that hired Pearson, talks about the coach:

Aaron was a great addition to Belvidere high school. From the moment he was hired he immersed himself into the culture of Belvidere High School, attending other sports and getting to know the students and staff. Aaron always coached the right way. He worked hard and put the time in it takes to build a program. He expected the same from his teams and he always held his kids accountable. Aaron promoted all of BHS, not just boys basketball. He will be missed.

From Belvidere Boys Basketball Facebook page-

Check out Belvidere Basketball Facebook page for replies:

11 years ago, I became the luckiest 24 year old coach ever. A special thank you, Bryon Houy, for taking a risk on hiring me at such a young age! I am forever grateful for that! Where do I start? Nate Lister, it starts with you. We have been boys, teammates, coaches, and brothers throughout our lives and everything we have accomplished is because we did it how we felt was right. Assistant coaches don’t get the credit they deserve, so I want to say credit is due! Love you brother. Some of my greatest memories are just being with the staff and all the great stories/moments we have had together. I really feel we had the greatest staff around. Thanks to all the coaches who have put their time into our basketball program. Success doesn’t come easy and without all you it wouldn’t have happened. I owe all you guys: Nate Lister, Bob White, Matt Sattelberg, Brandon Codina, David Loner, Nik Butenhoff, Brandon Fowler, Moe Shahbain, Jason Hill, Dar Whitehead, and all the other volunteers and friends who have helped out. To my mentor, Gerry Guse, you taught me so much about family, coaching, and hard work. Nate and I knew right away you were the only person to help us start our coaching careers at Belvidere!

To all my players: It’s been a privilege to coach you and be a part of all your lives. I am so proud of all you and all the hard work you put into our basketball program. I know it wasn’t always easy putting up with all us coaches but being successful is very hard in life and it only comes from hard work and dedication. Our motto was giving blood, sweat, and tears and for those who gave that, much respect! Many of you have become like family to me and my family. A special shout out to the three teams that are in the hallway (conference champs and back to back regional champs), you are proof that we did it! Those pictures will be up FOREVER!

I am grateful for the relationships and friendships that I have built with the parents and families over the years. Your support and help was a big part of our program and success. I still love getting random texts and emails with all the memories that we made, your kid’s accomplishments, and success. Please continue to update me! Sandy Cordrey, we have had many changes in admin over the years but one thing never changed, your support and help with everything! It was a pleasure to work with you and build the relationship we did. Thank you BHS’s administration, teachers, and students for all the support as well. BHS coaches, we are all one and together! Thank you for working with and helping me along this journey. I will always support your programs and BHS. “ONCE A BUC, ALWAYS A BUC”.

Finally, Katie I love you and thank you for all your support you have given me over the years. Whether it was after a big win or devastating loss, you were always there for me even if that meant waiting until the next morning for me to talk! All the days and nights I was gone due to basketball you kept our family together!

I am laughing because I didn’t want to write this much, but 11 years of memories and thanks is difficult. BHS, I want to say one last thing: I don’t have any regrets and I know I gave it my all. Whether it was good enough for some people or not, I am leaving with peace at everything we did!

Thanks, Aaron Pearson

No replacement has been named.