(8-19-19) The Northwest Central Conference is seeking to fill the position of Commissioner. This position is a yearly contract and does not include assigning duties.

  • Contact information was not provided, you may contact any member school AD or Principal

Member Schools

  • Elgin
  • Hardin Northern
  • Lehman Catholic
  • Perry
  • Ridgemont
  • Riverside
  • Temple Christian
  • Upper Scioto Valley
  • Waynesfield-Goshen

A list of commissioner duties : Commissioner Duties


1) The Commissioner is directly responsible to the member schools.

2) The Commissioner’s contractual year begins August 1st except where an alternate date is needed and agreed upon.

3) The Commissioner’s salary is set at the spring member schools organizational meeting.

4) Salary and expenses shall be commensurate with the duties performed and to be determined by recommendation of the Athletic Directors and Principals.

5) Salary shall be paid, by the President, in two equal installments: the 15th of December and the 15th of May

6) At the end of the calendar year and at the end of the school year, the Commissioner will request the President approve any reimbursement expenses. The request will coincide with the approved budget and include any applicable documentation. When approved the President will issue this payment.

7) The Commissioner will:

a. Serve as the secretary and treasurer of the conference.

b. Secure and issue all conference passes at the August AD meeting.

c. Organize and administer All-Conference tournaments in cooperation with personnel from the host school.

d. Investigate grievances as outlined in the constitution.

e. Investigate written complaints from the schools regarding the officiating of contest.

f. Draft all NWCC schedules with assistance from the Athletic Directors of the member schools.

8) The Commissioner will coordinate and promote the interest of the NWCC by:

a. Attending the monthly AD/Principal meetings.

b. Presenting recommendations to the member schools for their consideration.

d. Act as a spokesman for the conference as deemed necessary and as authorized.

e. Prepare and distribute congratulatorynotes and other necessary or desirable acts of courtesy.

f. Maintain the dignity of the conference by performing the task of the commissioner in as upright, forthright, and honest manner. Expecting the same responses from each of the member schools.

g. Maintain membership in the Ohio High School Athletic Association’s certified assigners program.

h. Respond to the tasks requested by the member schools and maintain open lines of communication with each member school and their staff and personnel.

9) Awards

a. The Commissioner shall be responsible for the administration and selection of All Conference teamsaccording to the constitution and by-laws. Commissioner will inform the NWCC webmaster who will release the All-Conference selections to the media in the local areas who shall coordinate the selection process and all presentation programs at the discretion of the member schools.

b. The Commissioner shall purchase all awards approved by the member schools for the use in the awards program of theconference.

10) Officials & Assigning

a. No Assigning duties will be required without agreement between league and commissioner

B. The commissioner is expected to work closely with league assignors regarding scheduling and any needs that may arise regarding communication from league, officials, and assignors.

11) News releases and publicity
a. Prepare and release appropriate publicity regarding conference matters and status to statewide media.

b. Prepare and release news regarding the conference at thediscretion of member schools.

c. Be prepared to speak at school and civic events for the promotion of the NWCC and its activities

d. Promote the NWCC by maintaining contact with the news media to provide coverage for the conference activities.

e. Be prepared to present or assist in the presentation of awards that promote the NWCC.f. NWCC web master may assist in any of these duties

12) Records

a. Maintain win-loss league records and All-Conference selections.b. NWCC web master may assist in tracking league records.

13) Financial

a. Prepare an annual budget by projecting all revenues and expenses for the upcoming year.

b. Prepare and submit a financial statement after the completion of the fall, winter, and spring sports.Additionally prepare an annual financial report detailed by month for the presentation at the Augustmeeting.

c. Prepare statements and collect conference fees and fines from member schools as well as revenuesgenerated by league events.

d. All monies from events sponsored by the NWCC will be given to the commissioner by school issuedcheck and will include a ticket reconciliation sheet.

e. Pay all bills incurred by and approved for payment by the conference.

14) Banquet Coordinator

a. The commissioner shall organize the awards banquet events. They will report to and coordinate with the host school on the meals, schedule and award preparations