1999 SH Baseball team

(5-10-20) The St. Henry Redskins had never won a State Baseball title, but that all changed in 1999 when Coach John Dorner’s crew picked up the D IV State Title in Canton. It ended a 45 year wait, in 1945 and 1946 St. Henry would bring back state runner-up trophies, the 1999 team was the first team to return to the final game since Wally Post and  Lou Brunswick were there, this time they brought home a Championship trophy.

June 10th,1999 Mercer County Chronicle story –

1999 SH Baseball Chronicle story

1999 would not be the last trip to the state finals, again in 2000 they would return and win another D IV championship…back to back titles. Dorner and the Redskins would make another trip in 2003 and win the D III Championship.

1999 SH Baseball summary

Dorner and his 1999 team were led by Midwest Athletic Conference Player of the Year and 1st Team All-Stater Neil Schmitz. The Redskins would go 31-2 on the season and would breeze through the final four in Canton outscoring both opponents combined 15-1. During their championship run they threw four shut-outs in seven tournament outings, giving up just seven total runs.

1999 SH Baseball Coach Dorner

The 1999 season gave them back to back MAC titles and the MAC would pick up their 50th State title.

1999 SH Baseball state box scores