Berea BOE
Berea City School District Board of Education

Ana Chapman, President, Cori Farris, Vice President, Steve Dockman, Jeff Duke and
Neal Postel

(7-21-20) The Berea City School District Board of Education has  passed a resolution on inclusion and equity. As part of the resolution, it’ll be creating a committee  to focus on diversity and inclusion.

Click to access 07-14-2020%20EXHIBIT%20-%20Berea%20City%20School%20Board%20of%20Education%20Resolution%20of%20Commitment%20To%20Equity%20And%20Excellence%20In%20Education.pdf

The first step in that change is to remove a school logo from the website that was designed when Berea High School and Midpark High School merged in 2013. The main concern is that it resembles a white power symbol. The old logo was not only been taken off the website, but is being phased out in the district and no longer an option for uniforms and and other items.

erea logo

The logo was designed by high school art teacher Jim Bycznski.and was based on this description –

Five fingers were chosen to pay tribute to the 50-year rivalry between the high schools before the merger, and five groups uniting: students, teachers, administrators/support staff, parents and community. The hand was then folded into fist, according to the artist because, the fingers need to come together, together they are stronger than each individual part.

Tracy Wheeler




School Superintendent Tracy Wheeler told the BOE during the meeting-

“The concern brought to me by staff members is not about the fist, but the color of it. There are staff that believe it symbolizes white power.”

A new logo for Berea-Midpark is hoped to be in place by January 2021.

NoteTitans became the merged school’s new mascot,  Berea was the Braves and Midpark was the Meteors.  The new was selected by the students, with the new school colors being a distinctive blue and orange colors that is borrowed from both schools.