(11-8-20) The Ohio High School Volleyball Coaches Association named its D IV All-Ohio teams today.

Fortkamp, Pohlman and Henschen

Ft. Recovery and District 8 Player of the Year Paige Fortkamp, New Knoxville and MAC Player of the Year, Carsyn Henschen, Marion Local’s Alana Pohlman, while New Bremen had two players named Claire Pape and Josie Reinhart.

Reinhart and Pape

St. Henry’s Mia Niekamp was named to the 2nd team, while New Knoxville’s Ellie Gabel, New Bremen’s Diana Heitkamp and Ft. Recovery’s Whitley Rammel were named to the 3rd team.

Marion Local’s Heidi Rethman and Minster’s Ivy Wolf picked up Honorable Mention honors.

New Knoxville’s Meg Lageman was named Coach of the Year, while New Bremen Coach Diana Kramer was awarded the Coaches Achievement Award.

2020 OHSVCA All-Ohio Division 4

First Team

  • Kylee Brooks                        MH                 12                    Monroeville
  • Paige Fortkamp                 OH                  12                 Fort Recovery
  • Carsyn Henschen              MH                 11                  New Knoxville
  • Mckenzie Hoelscher            MH                 12                    Fort Loramie
  • Hannah Lyons                      S                      11                    Monroeville
  • Claire Pape                           S                      12                  New Bremen
  • Alana Pohlman                   MH                 12                  Marion Local
  • Josie Reinhart                      OH                  12                  New Bremen
  • Emma White                         S                      11                    Calvert

Second Team

  • Kendall Bollenbacher          OH                  11                    Lincolnview
  • Aubrey Bouillon                  S                      11                    New Riegel
  • Reese Geise                           OH                  12                    Lehman Catholic
  • Abi Lammers                        OH                  11                    Miller City
  • Maya Maurer                        S                      12                    Fort Loramie
  • Hannah Miller                      OH                  10                    Calvert
  • Mia Niekamp                       OH                                          St. Henry
  • Elizabeth Scheckelhoff        MH                 12                    Leipsic
Mia Niekamp

Third Team

  • Kendra Ackerman                OH                  12                    Buckeye Central
  • Brennah Arnold                   MH                 12                    Dalton
  • Ellie Gabel                             S                     11                    New Knoxville
  • Diana Heitkamp                   L                    12                    New Bremen
  • Ashlyn Jones                         OH                  12                    Calvert
  • Sydney Lyons                       MH                 12                    Shekinah Christian
  • Whitley Rammel                  MH                11                    Fort Recovery
  • Grace Wasserman                OH                  11                    Old Fort

Honorable Mention

  • Lydia Ackerman                   L                      12       Buckeye Central
  • Emily Baker                          OH                  11        Troy Christian
  • Kendal Bonney                     MH                 11        North Central
  • Brooklynn Downing            MH                 10        McComb
  • Brianna Ebel                         S                      12        Lincolnview
  • Catherine Klopp                  MH                 12        Mohawk
  • Dyllan Knoll                         S                      11        St. Paul
  • Katelyn Lesko                       OH/S              12        Mineral Ridge
  • Faith Maloney                      MH                             South Webster
  • Kendall Monnin                   L                      12        Russia
  • Ashley Mullenhour             S                                  Jackson Center         
  • Makayla Osborn                  OH                  12        Heartland Christian
  • Heidi Rethman                     S                      12        Marion Local
  • Ashley Scott                          MH                 12        Russia
  • Pyper Sharkins                     L                      12        Lehman Catholic
  • Danielle Vuletich                 MH                 12        Western Reserve
  • Ivy Wolf                                 OH                  12        Minster
Coach of the Year
Meg Lageman           New Knoxville

Diana Kramer and Meg Lageman

Coaches Achievement Award
  • Lori Rombach                                               Calvert
  •  Diana Kramer                                               New Bremen
  •   Kendra Snook                                               Monroeville