(12-4-20) Tonight one of Ohio’s boys basketball longest and intense rivalry takes place…Piqua vs Sidney. The two neighboring communities, just 12 miles a part, have played each other on the hardwood since 1924.

1924 Piqua Indians from the The Piquonian

According to the 1924 Piqua (The Piquonian) yearbook, the Indians won the first ever game over the Yellowjackets on February 15, 30-19.

According to a detailed tweet today from Sidney Athletics you see the history of it all-

So maybe an update of the stats could happen, it would change some of the numbers above. Piqua also won in 1925, 30-24 –

Over 90 years…what great rivalry, it is one of those games that is a must win…even if that is the only game you won each season.