Indian Hill – On Friday, January 29, 2021, Head of School Tony Jaccaci, along with the student members of the Country Day mascot steering committee, hosted a virtual unveiling of the new mascot for students, faculty, and staff. Through a months-long selection process, the “Nighthawk” is officially the school’s new mascot effectively immediately.

Jaccaci said –

“The choice of a mascot crosses over from sports to academics, to school spirit, and to life beyond the halls of Country Day. Because a mascot represents so much more than a name and a logo, we wanted this selection process to be as thorough and inclusive as possible. We asked those participating in the selection to seriously consider all options because it is critical that our new mascot best represents the values and spirit of our school. The Nighthawk is a fantastic choice.”

Nighthawk was one of the five finalists voted on by the Country Day community. The original submission list consisted of more than 350 mascot suggestions and through a rigorous voting process, the selections were narrowed to 16 semifinalists and then five finalists.

Jaccaci continued –

“Nighthawks are recognized for being goal-oriented, resilient and determined. Nighthawks are highly tactical leaders that plan their approach with consciousness, ferocity and precision.”

Additionally, the nighthawk is native to the Cincinnati area; Ohio is the first place the common nighthawk was ever recorded in the United States. The nighthawk also has a significant presence in art, film, and literature.

With more than 1,400 votes cast to select among the five finalists – bears, chargers, nighthawks, trailblazers, wolves – one mascot emerged as the winner. “Nighthawk” was the clear favorite, receiving the highest number of votes among each stakeholder group – students, alumni, and faculty and staff.

Jody Brant, board of trustees president

“We are always striving to create an environment that inspires and prepares students to face their lives with purpose, confidence and character. Our hope is that our new mascot not only reflects that sentiment but mirrors the culture of inclusivity, empowerment and joy that we value here at Country Day.”

Now that a new mascot has been selected, a professional branding firm will deliver imagery and full branding guidelines. New mascot imagery for school spirit wear and athletic uniforms will be finalized for the 2021-22 school year.

Jaccaci went on with this thought –

“This is a historic time for us as a school community and will foster a greater connection to our school for generations of Nighthawks to come. I wish to express my deep appreciation to our mascot selection committee for lending their time and talent to this important effort. Their oversight ensured a collaborative and transparent process in collecting submissions and finalizing a selection. Thanks, too, to the many members of the Country Day family who submitted their suggestions for mascot options and engaged enthusiastically in the voting process – this truly was an expression of wonderful Country Day community spirit.”

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