(10-29-21) The 2021 All-Northwest Conference (NWC) football teams were announced yesterday.

Co-Offensive Player of the Year Colin Metzger of Columbus Grove rushed 199 times for 1,278 yards and 24 TDs, the other POY Delphos Jefferson’s Colin Bailey was 119 for 200 with 1,482 yards and 17 TDs, he also rushed 227 times for 1,236 yards 16 TDs, om special teams he returned 16 kicks for 360 yards and 1 TD…he also punted 33 times for a 34.8 yard average.

Columbus Groves AJ Schafer was named the Defensive Player of the Year.

Metzger, Schafer and Bailey

Columbus Grove Coach Andy Schafer was named the Coach of the Year leading the Bulldogs to a NWC title and a perfect season.

NWC Offensive Co-Players of the Year: Colin Bailey, Delphos Jefferson and Colin Metzger, Columbus Grove
NWC Defensive Player of the Year: AJ Schafer, Columbus Grove
NWC Coach of the Year: Andy Schafer, Columbus Grove

1st Team Offense


Quarterback: Colin Bailey, Delphos Jefferson
Running Back: Colin Metzger, Columbus Grove; Gunner Grigsby, Spencerville; Fabian Pena, Leipsic; Dale Smith, Spencerville
Offensive Line: Mitch Douglas, Columbus Grove; Adrian Carrillo, Leipsic; Aaron Tabler, Bluffton; Gunner Rister, Allen East; Mason Penix, Crestview
Receiver: Jacksen Schroeder, Columbus Grove; Trent Siefker, Leipsic; Carter Young, Allen East

1st Team Defense

Defensive Line: Mitch Douglas, Columbus Grove; Ethan Lammers, Leipsic; Sy Morris, Spencerville; Evan Shafer, Allen East
Linebacker: AJ Schafer, Columbus Grove; Tadd Koch, Columbus Grove; Chase Miller, Allen East; Brayden Casteel, Leipsic
Defensive Back: Quin Schroeder, Leipsic; Jacksen Schroeder, Columbus Grove; Jacob Hershberger, Allen East; Luke Kaufman, Columbus Grove
Specialist: Rece Verhoff, Columbus Grove

2nd Team Offense

Quarterback: Dillan Niese, Leipsic
Running Back: Jack Hoel, Allen East; Nick Helt, Crestview; Landon Shutler, Bluffton
Offensive Line: Tadd Koch, Columbus Grove; Alek Winner, Allen East; Payton Lammers, Leipsic; Landin Friemoth, Crestview
Receiver: AJ Schafer, Columbus Grove; Andrew Miller, Delphos Jefferson; Quin Schroeder, Leipsic

2nd Team Defense

Defensive Line: Adrian Carrillo, Leipsic; Lawson Maag, Columbus Grove; Clay Bonnell, Columbus Grove; Trevon Barton, Crestview
Linebacker: Fabian Pena, Leipsic; Ayden Lichtensteiger, Crestview; Griffin Schwartz, Spencerville; Kade Wireman, Allen East
Defensive Back: Cade Elling, Spencerville; Blake Liffick, Leipsic; Carson Clum, Allen East; Braylon Baxter, Columbus Grove
Specialist: Carter Young, Allen East

Honorable Mention Offense

Quarterback: Nate Schaadt, Bluffton; Jacob Hershberger, Allen East
Running Back: Isaac Kline, Crestview; Tyler Koenig, Spencerville
Offensive Line: Kolby Chamberlin, Bluffton; Trent Howard, Bluffton; Robby Lyons, Columbus Grove; Evan Shafer, Allen East; Jesse Long, Delphos Jefferson; Caden Johnston, Spencerville; Wesyn Ludwig, Crestview; Heath Gaskill, Spencerville
Receiver: Rontae Jackson, Crestview; Chase Miller, Allen East; Ayden Lichtensteiger, Crestview; Tanner Voorhees, Delphos Jefferson; Trent Teman, Delphos Jefferson; Hayden Dearth, Bluffton

Honorable Mention Defense

Defensive Line: Alex Winner, Allen East; Mason Penix, Crestview; Tanner Voorhees, Delphos Jefferson; Aaron Tabler, Bluffton; Tyler Schroeder, Leipsic; Dylan Cook, Spencerville; Jack Wilson, Bluffton; Dylan Barricklow, Crestview
Linebacker: Tyler Koenig, Spencerville; Jeremy Cameron, Ada; Blaine Belcher, Allen East; Wesyn Ludwig, Crestview; Dustin Bohyer, Spencerville; Kameron Coughlan, Bluffton; Estevan Carrillo, Leipsic; Nick Helt, Crestview; Andrew Miller, Delphos Jefferson
Defensive Back: Caleb Ellerbrock, Leipsic; Carson Hunter, Crestview; Beau Stever, Bluffton; Shep Halker, Columbus Grove; Braylon Scalf, Delphos Jefferson; Eli Harter, Spencerville; Parker Spieth, Crestview; Ethan Smith, Spencerville
Specialist: Colin Bailey, Delphos Jefferson; Kaden Kreischer, Crestview