(12-6-21) Homeschool sports is a big part of the high school sports world…but often they are the forgotten athletes when it comes to hometown media coverage.

The Noble Whitley (Indiana) Warriors feature (above) Josh Lazzarino and Micah Gaff and Jesse Lazzarino.

The Warriors are members of the Great Lakes Homeschool Basketball Conference. Last season Josh Lazzarino was named to the All-GLHC 1st team, while Micah Gaff and Jesse Lazzarino were named to the 2nd team.

GLHC members include,-

  • Benton HomeSchool
  • Kokomo HomeSchool
  • Noble-Whitley Warriors
  • Hudsonville Hornets
  • Christ the King
  • Fort Wayne GUARD HomeSchool
  • Fort Wayne HomeSchool
  • Mishawaka HomeSchool

How does homeschool basketball players compare?

The Warriors, like other homeschool teams, play a regional schedule including games against Ohio and Michigan teams. Travel for the entire group turns into some long road trips.

National Christian HomeSchool Championship – Definition of a HomeSchool Student-Athlete

“Homeschooling” is defined to mean that a student’s education is parent-directed and done at home.

As such, the parents shall be directly involved in their child’s education, playing role of the headmaster thereby (1) selecting curriculum, (2) selecting and/or approving course materials and study schedules, & (3) selecting tutors, coop’s, teachers, dual enrollment options, &/or resources for their child’s education. HomeSchooling would also include a person of legal responsibility* of the student filling the role of a parent (*must be pre-approved by the NCHC)

In September 2020 the EAB Rules Proposal Committee voted over 80% in favor of keeping the NCHC Online At Home policy posted below. As such this entire section has been updated.

NCHC Online At Home – The #1 eligibility question we had in the Summer of 2018 & 19 was “what is the NCHBC stance was with “Online at Home” (Connections Academy, K12, Epic, etc.) The response we have had to this each time has been the same:

“The NCHC does not have an approved or unapproved curriculum.”

The bottom line is the NCHBC leaves curriculum choice to the parent’s discretion, provided it is done at home and the parents have the ability to change curriculum at their discretion.

Clarification: The Online at Home rule excludes students enrolled in their local school district, who are doing school online due to COVID-19, this was clarified by an 85% vote by the EAB Rules Committee in September, 2020.

While traditional high school teams concentrate on State tournaments, homeschool teams shoot for the nationals every year in Springfield, Missouri.

National Christian HomeSchool Championships 2022 Dates: March 13*-18, Springfield, MO Games will be played March 14th-18th.

The tournament features several different age groups, with both boys and girls teams.