(1-23-22) Two of the top Indiana small schools, 1A #1 North Daviess (13-1, 3-0) 2A #2 Linton (14-1, 3-0), met in a key match-up. The final score found North Daviess holding on for a low scoring 24-23 win over the Miners.

This game has brought up interest from states considering the shot clock for the future. There seems to be some who have not agreed with the possible future change in their state…Kentucky just said no to it (for now), other states including Illinois have gotten back survey results who are not for adding it anytime soon.

Although Linton (who held the ball twice) did not win last night’s game…stall ball looked to have accomplished what turned out to be a game that ended with lots of excitement. The stall was used only twice in the game to accomplish a goal, Linton held the ball and North Daviess was happy to let them do it. It was all about both teams coaching tactics, a shot clock would have eliminated another chess move in the game plan.

These two teams are in the midst of a great season, it was not a game featuring a so-so team who hoped to pull out and upset…which made it effective for both teams.

Shot clock? Be careful what you wish for.