(3-20-22) The boys and girls basketball rosters for the 2022 Biosteel All-Canadian Games scheduled for April 3rd have been released.

The boys roster features 18 players from Ontario, 4 from Quebec, 2 from British Columbia and 1 from Alberta. Five are members of the United Scholastic Academy. & play in the US and one is playing in Mexico.

Foumena, Mahi and Miller
Allette, Dean and Oliogu


NameClassHigh SchoolHome ProvinceCommitment
Vasean Allette 2023 United Scholastic Academy (ON) Ontario  
Jaden Clayton 2022 Fort Erie International Academy (ON) Ontario  
Zaiden Cross 2022 Crestwood Prep (ON) Ontario  
Josiah Davis 2022 Teays Valley Christian (WV) Ontario West Virginia University 
Romad Dean 2022 Crestwood Prep (ON) Ontario  
Wilguens Exacte Jr. 2022 NBA Academy Latin America (MEX) Québec University of Utah 
Elijah Fisher 2023 Crestwood Prep (ON) Ontario  
Jeremy Foumena 2022 Orangeville Prep (ON) Québec  
Javier Gilgeous-Glasgow 2022 United Scholastic Academy (ON) Ontario  
Luke Hunger 2022 Northfield Mount Hermon (MA) Québec Northwestern University 
TJ Hurley 2022 The Rock School (FL) Ontario  
Isaac Jack 2022 Fort Erie International Academy (ON) British Columbia  
DJ Jackson 2022 Montverde Academy (FL) Ontario  
Jimma James 2023 Huntington Prep (WV) Ontario  
Elijah Mahi 2022 Potter’s House (FL) Ontario  
Mambourou Mara 2022 Royal Crown Academic School (ON) Ontario  
Armani Mighty 2022 United Scholastic Academy (ON) Ontario Boston College 
Leonard Miller 2022 Fort Erie International Academy (ON) Ontario  
Jefferson Monegro 2022 Orangeville Prep (ON) Québec  
Ose Okojie 2022 United Scholastic Academy (ON) Ontario  
Efeosa Oliogu 2025 United Scholastic Academy (ON) Ontario  
Cam Slaymaker 2022 London Basketball Academy (ON) British Columbia  
Caelum Swanton-Rodger 2022 Edge Prep (AB) Alberta  
Thierno Sylla 2022 Royal Crown Academic School (ON) Ontario  
Anthony Wrzeszcz 2022 Wasatch Academy (UT) Ontario Sam Houston State 

The girls roster includes 17 players from Ontario, 4 from Quebec, 1 from Alberta, 1 from British Columbia 1 from Saskatchewan and one listed from Texas.

Fournier, Ennis and Swords
Williams, Hylton and Murray


NameClassHigh SchoolHome ProvinceCommitment
Mary-Anna Asare 2022 J. Addison (ON) Ontario Virginia Commonwealth University 
Summer Bostock 2023 The Webb School (TN) Ontario University of Maryland 
Raeven Boswell 2022 Lake Travis High School (TX) Texas Georgia Tech University 
Shantavia Dawkins 2022 Southwest Academy (ON) Ontario Iowa State University 
Aicha Dia 2022 Dawson College (QC) Québec Penn State University 
Fatima Diakhaté 2022 Montverde Academy (FL) Québec University of Central Florida 
Dominique Ennis 2022 King’s Christian Collegiate (ON) Ontario Rice University 
Toby Fournier 2024 Crestwood Prep (ON) Ontario  
Delaney Gibb 2024 Timpview High School (UT) Alberta  
Lemyah Hylton 2022 Southwest Academy (ON) Ontario University of Arizona 
Emma Koabel 2022 Niagara Prep (ON) Ontario Duke University 
Sumer Lee 2023 Crestwood Prep (ON) Ontario  
Ajok Madol 2023 Archbishop MC O’Neill High School (SK) Saskatchewan  
Brianna McLeod 2022 King’s Christian Collegiate (ON) Ontario University of Colorado 
Alisha Murray 2023 Royal Crown Academic School (ON) Ontario  
Milana Nenadić 2022 Cameron Heights Collegiate Institute (ON) Ontario University of Maine 
Cassandre Prosper 2023 Capital Courts Academy (ON) Québec  
Marina Radocaj 2023 RA McMath Secondary School (BC)‎ British Columbia  
Bree Robinson 2023 The Webb School (TN) Ontario  
Cheyenne Rowe 2022 Markham Prep (ON) Ontario James Madison University 
Taija Sta Maria 2023 Crestwood Prep (ON) Ontario  
Syla Swords 2024 Lo-Ellen Park Prep (ON) Ontario  
T’yana Todd 2022 IMG Academy (FL) Ontario  
Serah Williams 2022 Niagara Prep (ON) Ontario University of Wisconsin 

*Abigail Jegede, Mackendra Konig, and Helena Lasić were selected to the game but are unable to participate

Gibb, Dia and Boswell

Who selected the players for the upcoming games—

Boys and Girls Selection Committee Chair: Gus Gymnopoulos – Head Coach, Hodan Prep Men’s Basketball

Boys Selection Committee

  • Efe Ashakah – Director of Scouting, North Pole Hoops
  • Wes Brown – President, The Monday Morning Scouting Report
  • Theodore Chan – Founder, Global Visions Scouting Service
  • Michael De Giorgio – Head Coach, Royal Crown Men’s Basketball
  • Drew Ebanks – Founder & CEO, On Point Basketball
  • Shane James – Founder, CYBL / Premier League – Director, Canada Elite / Team Iconic – Assistant General Manager, Guelph Nighthawks – Co-Founder, United Scholastic Academy Schools

Girls Selection Committee

  • Agnes Borg – Canada Basketball / IBSA
  • Michael Henry – Crown Scout Girls
  • Handel Kipp – Fort Erie International Academy / Become One
  • Richard Nurse – KIA Nurse Elite / Lincoln Prep
  • Lee Anna Osei – Canletes Basketball
  • Zelimir Stevanovic – Canada Elite / King’s Christian