(3-29-22) The OHSAA Board of Directors met in a Special meeting on March 19th during the State Boys Basketball Championships to discuss several interesting items.

The first item will impact the State football playoffs, all first round and regional quarterfinal games in every division would be played on Friday nights.

The other item will give any student-athletes at a public school to compete in a sport not offered by their system to compete at a bordering public school district.

Example: Coldwater does not offer boys soccer, if a student-athlete would like to compete at a bordering school he could petition to play at next door neighbor Celina.

Private schools according to the minutes are not included in the current plan and those student-athletes would not be able to do the same.

Both motions passed 7-0; however at the top of the minutes –

The above item, if officially passed at the April meeting, would allow members to vote on the issue during the upcoming membership vote.