(2-8-23) In Oklahoma…Anadarko held the ball for much of the game because there is no shot clock in Oklahoma high school basketball. The strategy was to steal a win against the No. 3 team Weatherford in Oklahoma’s Class 4A rankings. Anadarko is No. 9.

Final score – Weatherford 4.Anadarko 2

The game’s score, with only six points combined, could be of the result of the Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association’s decision in January to strike down a move to implement a shot-clock

Social media lit up by many to bring Oklahoma the shot clock.

Anadarko Head Coach Doug Schumpert told SBLive in January

“It would be interesting to see if you could sit down and watch some games with a clock right there, to see how many times would the clock go off in games right now. The OSSAA has said they’ve done that at the state tournament and there’s not very many games where the shot clock would go off.”

One bright spot from the game Weathersford Sophomore CJ Nickson scored his 1,000th career point.

Let the shot clock debate take place.