The cheer is a very common one at East Hampton (Connecticut) High School:

‘We say Blue, You Say White’

A posting at East Hampton HS was written earlier this week about that cheer by Principal John Fidler:

East Hampton (Conn) HS Principal posted this

The school’s colors are blue and white, the posting caused quite a ‘stir’ and is finding national attention.  No more ‘white’ cheer due to the social climate, interesting.  Will this be come a national controversy?  To this point in the debate the ‘Blue Man Group’ has not asked that the cheer eliminate the word ‘blue‘. (meant to be humorous)

East Hampton School Superintendent Paul Smith told WFSB TV 3 News:

“In road games, we’re dressed in blue, and even though it’s still the senior tradition to say white, white, white, over and over, I think the context is not understood by everybody. He is not telling them what they can say and can’t say in the gym at the games. He wants them to come but he also wants them to reflect the positive things they do outside of the gym as well.”

The school’s mascot is the ‘Bellringers’:

Bell making in the 1800s began ringing in East Hampton in 1808 when William Barton (Barton Hill) opened the first bell factory in town. Barton had previously built guns for the Revolutionary War and had been trained in brass casting in New York. It is believed that Barton’s bell factory was the first factory developed solely for bell production. Barton’s contribution to the growth of bell production can be seen in his invention of the process in which bells were cast hollow instead of being put together separately, which had been done previously. Many bell makers in East Hampton were trained in Barton’s factory. Over 30 different bell manufacturers called East Hampton home over the years. Millions of bells have been made in East Hampton, with bells still being produced by Bevin Bells in town.

So maybe the principal is just a big ‘Ding Dong‘. (meant to be humorous)

WFSB – TV 3 News Story