(2-9-17) It was a game between two Toledo City Schools, Scott and Bowsher.  College coaches were in attendance as several D1 players were being featured, it should have been a big night for all involved.  It wasn’t…now TPS and the OHSAA will have to see what the future holds for both schools.

It was a night of celebration that turned into an ugly brawl.

The celebration was for Toledo Bowsher’s Dalonte Brown who would score his 1,000th point.

Just moments later he would be fouled and the ugly brawl would break out.

The game was suspended by game Officials Game in the 2nd quarter with Bowsher leading  Scott 47-33. Police, students, fans and players were all involved in what happened when the brawl started. Toledo Public Schools will review video today of a fight.


Brown was taken to the hospital by his parents, after being listed in serious condition, he was later released.



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