PCA’s-Student-Athlete Social Media Agreement

PCA Social Media Agreement
PCA Social Media Agreement

DOWNLOAD PDF FILE OF PCA Student-Athlete Social Media Agreement

(3-21-17) High School athletes need to know how to handle the Social Media they are involved with (Snap Chat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

With the help of Positive Coaching Alliance’s (PCA)  National Student Athlete Advisory Board they recently created a social media agreement for high school student-athletes. The form can help both the coach, parent and student-athlete in making the ‘right’ choices before hitting the ‘send button’.

University at Albany Head Basketball Coach Will Brown told the Troy Record:

“If there’s a lot of questionable stuff that they’re posting, we’ll stop recruiting the kid. We have had that happen two or three times, where we’ve read a kid’s Facebook page and we’ve wanted no part of it. These are kids that we were actively recruiting.”

The Positive Coaching Alliance is a national non-profit group developing Better Athletes, Better People through youth and high school sports.


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