Streator’s Maggie McGurk to play at Toledo

(3-26-17) Streator’s (Illinois) Maggie McGurk  is this week’s SSN National Softball Player of the Week.

McGurk threw a 6-0 no-hitter this week to beat Ottawa, while facing-off against University of Kentucky commit Sloan Gayan.  McGurk had 15 K’s and issued just one walk, on offense she added 2 hits.

Streator Head Coach Kelly Coons told after the game:

“I thought she looked good today, even from the first pitch. I told Coach McGurk that she had a lot of pop today. Just from the first pitch, I could see it.”

“She really was hitting her spots and moved the ball around a lot.”

McGurk will attend the University of Toledo to continue her college career.

McGurk said the following on her NCSA personal statement:

I like having trust with coaches, teammates, and teachers. I trust my teammates when I am pitching and they trust me to pitch well.