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‘Bringing Up Ballers’ Reality TV Star Transferring To California

(6-17-17) – According to a Chicago Sun-Times story a high profile basketball player,  Nimari Burnett (2020 ), is transferring  from Chicago’s Morgan Park to a school in California.

Where in California? His mother Nikki Burnett tweeted this recently.

The Burnetts are both a part of Bringing Up Ballers, a new Lifetime reality TV show. According to the network the show is focusing on the lives of parents trying to raise professional basketball players. The mothers and fathers will do whatever it takes to get their Chicago children into the paying jobs for basketball.

Is the move to help the show or Nimari for the future? Over the past several years there have been some high profile players make moves around the country, this could be the first to help a reality TV show raise those ratings.

How will the California Interscholastic Federation look at this very public move?  The CIF has been facing numerous high profile transfers in the past several years.  Some changes in CIF are looming for the future in how these type of transfers are handled.

Just when you thought you had seen everything, you realize you really haven’t seen the end to what parents will do to place their kids in a program they are happy with and what can benefit them.

Don’t feel sorry for Morgan Park they know how to find quality kids when they need to restock. Even the Sun-Times story let’s us know what the Mustangs will be doing to make up for the loss of Burnett.

There are rumors that another pair of players may leave Morgan Park, but also whispers of a high-profile transfer joining the Mustangs.

Chicago schools recruit? Nah, that’s just a myth.

The casts; Real estate broker, Nikki Burnett, along with her son Nimari Burnett.

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