(7-12-17) ‘Cheaters never prosper’ may not hold true in the Dayton (Ohio) Public School System. After one of the biggest fiascos this past fall in OHSAA high school football history, that led to accusations of coaches manipulating the game, numerous sanctions against the DPS system, games forfeited and play-offs games re-scheduled, DPS  rehired the coach that was a big part of the problem. Dayton’s BOE voted 6-1 last night to rehire Darran Powell to return as head football coach at Dunbar.

Powell, who was not in attendance at the meeting, told the Dayton Daily News:

“I appreciated everybody’s support. I’m looking forward to moving forward and I’m glad to be back on my feet.”

BOE board member, Joe Lacey, who has said numerous times that the district needs to take last fall’s football game-throwing scandal more seriously, was the only “no” vote. Lacey told the Dayton Daily News:

“What he did was something wrong. I understand that he did it at somebody else’s direction, but that person did not hold a gun to his head. (Powell) was a co-conspirator in a cheating scandal that has infected an entire (school) district.”

Even the rehiring process of Powell has turned into a ‘circus’, he initially was denied the position by a board vote at the last BOE meeting.  James Lacking, who was the head coach at Dunbar before Powell, was the only other candidate in consideration, after saying he would accept the position, but changed his mind shortly after that.

No official word has been released by the OHSAA on the hiring of Powell.