(7-8-17) High school athletic conference memberships have been very unstable the last several years. Schools jumping conferences, schools being asked to leave because of athletic success, enrollment outgrowing or declining to league members, if a member doesn’t leave a large group decides to leave and start a new conference. It is happening all around the country on a very regular basis.

It is hard to create stability and rivalries in an atmosphere like this.

This is why this barometer was created, to help athletic conferences enhance their present membership, a fine-tuning of how things operate now.

The barometer is a guideline and can be adapted to any conference concerns.  Take some time and see what it does for you as a school administrator.


List rating after each statement, add other information as asked for…should you not want to add that information please write N/A

Start of the Year REMINDER

Ask all conference members to declare their intentions on remaining a member of the conference at the start of each school year.

Each conference member should be encouraged to tell the conference commissioner or president when they are talking with another conference, this as a courtesy for everyone. It is not uncommon for schools to be in full-fledged talks before the conference is notified, it should be a priority to notify your conference before that happens. This will help to avoid issues and hard-feelings for everyone.

NOTE TO COMMISSIONERS/PRESIDENTS – If you are talking to schools from another conference about membership, as a common courtesy you should keep the Commissioner of that school’s current conference regularly updated. This should happen anytime you have a meeting with that school or after a conference meeting discussing expansion.

 HS Athletic Conference Barometer

1-How do you rate your conference (rate between 1 and 10 – 10 being the highest score)

2-How does your conference compare to other area conferences (rate between 1 and 10 – 10 being the highest score)

3-Should the conference be open to allowing associate members to compete in one sport only

4-Is Divisional play needed

5-Are you happy with the number of visiting fans who attend conference games

6-Travel miles to conference opponent sites

7-How would you rate conference members facilities (please list best and worst facilities)

8-Would you like to see expansion

9-How important would corporate sponsorship (or additional income) be to the conference

10-Leadership of the conference

11-Does conference play prepare your school for tournament play

12-How many years will you commit to the conference (circle one) 1 yr – 2yr – 5yr – 10 yr

Additional Questions-

1a-How many schools in the conference do you consider – League rivals

(please list schools)

2a-How many schools in the conference do not benefit the conference

(please list)

Please list any other thoughts and comments, feel free to add additional paperwork…

Replies should be sent to a trusted 3rd party to compile the results. This should be a person not directly affiliated with the conference. Report should not include who made the comments or from what school. This will help to provide honest and to the point answers.