(7-18-17) Next time you go to a Ft. Recovery (Ohio) basketball game you will see the new ‘refurbished’ floor that was just completed this past week. Jason Now of Majestic Flooring in Celina did his handy-work and gave the floor an entirely new look that will impress you when you walk in the door.  Indian fans will most likely tell you that they love the look of this floor and prefer a wood floorover the ‘rubber’ floor that they once had many years ago. This ends a two-year project that started last summer with a new paint job for the ceiling and walls, a new press row, State recognition boards, wall protection boarding and work on the ceilings.

EDITOR’S NOTE: One of Jason Now’s finest works came when he did a parquet floor at the old Parkway High School gym. When the new school building was built, the State of Ohio, as they did in all projects like this, said the building must be torn down…the new parquet floor and all…good news it was saved and is now the gym floor at Praise Point in Willshire.

Praise Point
Praise Point -Gym Floor

The work done to refurbish a floor is something a school system needs to do on a regular basis.

Price will depend on several factors

  • square footage of the gymnasium floor
  • full sanding and refinishing the average price is $3.00 per sq. ft.
  • includes  labor, finish material, artwork, logo and game line painting.
  • Yearly gym floor re-coats the standard price is $.75 cents per sq. ft. for two coats of a premium gym floor finish.

So it seems it is important for a school system to be pro-active in keeping this facility in a shape acceptable for use.

Refurbishing a floor….

St. Joseph-Ogden High School (Illinois)

Kevin Price, Regional Sales Manager for the Central Region of Robbins Sports Surfaces (Cincinnati, Ohio) ,  gives some insight to what it takes to do the job on a project like this.

1. How often should you sand & refinish a gym floor? A gym floor should be sanded and refinished every 10 years, however, this is simply a guideline. If there is chipping or flaking of finish, it might be time for a sanding. There are also other signs that a professional flooring contractor can look for in determining if the floor needs to be sanded.

2. How long does it take to sand & refinish a floor? A typical sand and refinish will take 3 to 4 weeks, this includes cure time for the finish. This, of course, depends on the amount of striping. The more striping, the longer the process. In addition, the type of finished used (oil vs. water) may affect the duration.

3. What noticeable signs are there that signifies that a floor is ready for a sand & refinish? If the existing finish is cracking or peeling it might be time. Another sign is if the floor is ambering. From a professional standpoint, ambering should not be used as a sign to determine if the floor needs to be sanded. The key sign is if the floor is chipping or flaking.

4. What is the range of cost for a sand & refinish? A good range for a sand and refinish is $2.00 – $3.00/per square foot, and will vary based on size of floor, location, paint/stain detail, etc… The types of finish, court graphics, and time of year also plays a role in the total cost. *Note: The cost range should be used for budgeting purposes only.

5. What is the daily maintenance of a floor after it has been sanded & refinished? The best course of action is to dust-mop the floor as many times daily as possible. Make sure that you do not use a dust-mop treatment as they often will have some type of oil. If you have a spill, you may need to mop it up but we would strongly encourage you to dry the floor after you mop it. Remember, water and wood do not mix. There are also devices that are made to help “clean” a floor that have been very effective. If there are scuff marks, you may remove them simply by rubbing your shoe over the scuff mark or by rubbing a tennis ball over the scuff mark. For best results, refer to your finish manufacturer maintenance instructions.

6. Can you use a scrubber-vac on a wood floor?  Scrubber vacs should not be used on a wood floor, in fact, the use of the scrubber vac on a newly installed floor will void the warranty.

7. Can you use any hardwood floor contractor to refinish the floor? Or should you choose one that specializes in sports flooring? Why? You should only hire an MFMA accredited sports flooring contractor to perform a sand/stripe/refinish to your floor. The reason why is because the flooring contractor is trained, tested and certified in the processes and procedures set forth by the finish manufacturer for a sand/stripe/refinish. After all, this process takes time and money, if the gymnasium is closed for longer than expected, then the athletic department or the owner are going to be scrambling to finds places for the teams to practice and play their games, often times having to pay to use a different facility.

8. How long must you wait to get back on the gym floor after the floor has been sanded and refinished? The floor should cure for a minimum of 72 hours if using water-based finish and up to seven (7) days if using oil-modified finish. The oil-modified finish will take longer to cure based on temperature and humidity conditions in the room, generally, the more humid the room, the longer the cure time.