Michael Chappman

(7-23-17) 17-year-old Michael Chappman, who was seriously injured in a July 6th drive-by shooting, passed  away today. The concern immediately  after the shooting had been  that he would never play football again because of his injuries and the possibility of being paralyzed, it turned out to be the end of his young life.

Chappman last season led Cleveland John Jay to the City Championship, last season he earned honorable mention honors as a Quarterback on the Division III Northeast Lakes District team and would have been the starting QB this season as a senior. Chappman had been getting some DI looks after last season.

After a vigil tonight at John Jay HS

Chappman’s mother, Niecey Bryant, says one of the bullets from the July 6th shooting was still lodged inside his body and and it had done a lot of damage to some of his organs, his torso and his throwing arm.  Chappman never left the hospital after the shooting. No official cause of death has been released, his mother told sources he passed away from complications of his shooting.


Chappman told Fox 8 News after the shooting on July 6th:

“It went across my spine. Like my whole body numb.”


***Watch a Fox 8 Cleveland video of an interview with Chappman after the shooting.

A GoFundMe account had been created by family members after the shooting and had asked friends and interested individuals to help with Michael’s rehabilitation and treatment, now it will be used to help with his burial.

The Hornets are scheduled to play their first game of the season on August 25th at Olentangy Orange.