Brody Link


(9-23-17) While NFL players are continuing to kneel  during the national anthem, little Brody Link saluted with the policeman above to honor America.

Brody is the grandson of Diane and Mike Link from St. Henry, Ohio his grandma took the above picture.

I just love that picture…. brought a tear to my eye..he just idolized that cop!!!!

The picture was taken during the National Anthem before the Homecoming Game with Coldwater and St. Henry.

Little Brody sets a good example for all of us, we can all learn from him what it means to support our country and standing during the National Anthem. Thanks Brody!

UPDATED: 9-12-21

It was only fitting that 20 years after 911 Brody Link, is the grandson of Diane and Mike Link from St. Henry, Ohio, would still be honoring those first responders who serve all of us.

Yesterday, four years after a SSN story (see above), Brody while at the University of Cincinnati-Murray State game Brody showed his respect with a police man outside the stadium.

Brody was there to also support Murray State’s (OL) Jacob Vance.

Thanks Brody…you make us all proud.