(9-26-17) It was a big week for kickers in Mercer County on Friday night.

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Coldwater’s Blake Dippold scored seven points, including his first two field goals of the season (21 and 28 Yards) and hit the extra point on the Cavs TD in a key MAC win over St. Henry 13-10. Ryam Luttmer added a FG (34 yards) for St. Henry, his second of the season, as kickers were a big part of this rivalry.

Thanks to extra point kicks in Celina’s 14-7 win Kole Murlin hangs on to the points lead with 23, just one point ahead of Luttmer with 22.

Mercer Co - Kickers and Punter - 9-27-17

Leading the punters in average is Luttmer with 10 punts and a 37.6 yard average. Jacob Wenning has punted 24 times this season for Coldwater.