(10-19-17) The Western Buckeye League is one of the oldest and most stable high school athletic conferences in Ohio. Below is a title chart (from a Defiance Baseball Tweet) of all the WBL Championships from its formation. The chart tells a story, this one is based on the # of titles won by all current WBL members in all boys and girls sports that are a part of each school’s athletic department.


In WBL boys titles, Defiance has won the most overall, that is very interesting since they didn’t become members until 1973, thirty years less then the charter members.

The blue and white Bulldogs have won 111 WBL Championships, they also have three sports with 20 or more titles, baseball (24), cross country (24) and wrestling (21). Only one charter members has 20 or more titles, St. Marys with 24 football titles, one other member, Shawnee, who left once and came back has 24 boys tennis titles. Shawnee is second in most overall titles with 88. Two charter members with the most titles is Celina and Van Wert both with 64.


The first girls championships were decided in the 1970’s, thanks to Title IX. Celina leads the way with 84 championships, thanks to 26 volleyball and 27 track titles, the other school with 20 or more titles in a single sport is Bath with 21 softball championships.

Only one school has won a championship in every sponsored boys championship, Wapakoneta. They are the only school to have won in the newest WBL sport of bowling

The next closet member, 34 titles behind Celina, is Bath with 46 total championships.



Above Charts from Defiance Baseball Tweet

Four former members, including charter members Bellefontaine and Bluffton picked up WBL title before their departures.

Bellefontaine has 21 WBL boys titles, led by 12 boys basketball championships and Bluffton left with 10. Both schools left before girls sports became a part of the picture.

Coldwater during its stay had 8 championships, led by 4 baseball titles.

Delphos St. John’s is the only former WBL member with school championships, they had 7, including 6 basketball titles.  The Blue Jays boys left with 14 titles, including 8 boys basketball championship trophies.

Former Members

Bellefontaine (21) – Football – 3, Boys Golf – 2, Boys Basketball – 12, Baseball – 1, Boys Tennis – 2, Bellefontaine -1,

Bluffton (10) Football – 2, Boys Basketball – 4, Baseball – 4,

Coldwater (8) – Football 1, Boys Cross Country – 1, Boys Basketball – 2, Baseball – 4,

Delphos St. John’s – Girls (7) Boys (14) – Volleyball – 1, Boys Basketball – 8, Girls Basketball – 6, Baseball – 4, Boys Tennis – 2,

WBL Membership History:

  • The charter members of the league in 1940-1941 were Bellefontaine, Bluffton, Celina, St. Marys, Van Wert and Wapakoneta.
  • Kenton entered the league in 1942.
  • Shawnee entered the league with the 1952-1953 Basketball Season.
  • Bluffton left the league in football after the 1952 season.
  • Bluffton left the league in all sports after the 1956-1957 season.
  • Coldwater entered the league in the 1957-1958 season.
  • Bellefontaine left the league after the 1964-1965 season.
  • Bath entered the league beginning with the 1965-1966 Basketball Season.
  • Shawnee left the league at the end of the 1966-1967 Basketball Season.
  • Ottawa-Glandorf entered the league in the spring of 1967.
  • Elida and Delphos St. Johns entered the league in December of 1971.
  • Coldwater withdrew from the league to join the MAC effective June 1, 1973.
  • Defiance entered the league in September 1973 in all sports.  (Defiance 1972-73 WBL meets in CC, Golf, Tennis, and Track)
  • Delphos St. Johns withdrew from the league to join the MAC August 3, 1981 (effective end of 1981-82 season).
  • Shawnee re-entered the league on October 5, 1981. Played full schedule in 1982-1983.