Lehman Catholic Running Back Owen Smith  NWCC Offensive Player of the Year


(11-1-17) The Northwest Central Conference named their 2017 All-Conference Football Team.

Lehman Catholic Running Back Owen Smith was named the NWCC Offensive Player of the Year leading the Cavaliers to a perfect 7-0 NWCC record and the conference title. Smith was also named to the defensive 1st team as a Defensive Back.

Upper Scioto Valley Linebacker Kolton Keith was named the NWCC’s Defensive Player of the Year. Keith was also a 2nd team selection on offense as a running back.

In an emotional season for Perry after the tragic loss of Head Coach Herb Lane, the Commodores’ 1st year Head Coach Luke Taviano was named the Coach of the Year.  Perry was 6-1 in conference play and its only loss was to Lehman Catholic.

Lehman Catholic dominated the 1st team offense with six Cavaliers on the list, QB Elliott Gilardic, RB Owen Smith, End Kameron Lee, C : Collin Haller, G Seth Sargent and K  Michael Denning.

On the NWCC defensive 1st team the Cavaliers had DL Michael Bunker, LB Drew Barhorst,  DB Owen Smith and DB Brandon Barhorst.

  • Northwest Central Conference  Offensive Player of the Year: Owen Smith – RB – Lehman Catholic
  • Northwest Central Conference Defensive Player of the Year: Kolton Keith – LB – Upper Scioto Valley
  • Northwest Central Conference Coach of the Year: Luke Taviano – Perry

First Team – Offense
QB: Elliott Gilardi – Lehman Catholic
RB: Owen Smith – Lehman Catholic
RB: Danyal Minton – Elgin
RB: Gaven Anderson – Riverside
End: Kameron Lee – Lehman Catholic
End: Luke Floyd – Perry
TE: Daylin Pees – Hardin Northern
C: Collin Haller – Lehman Catholic
G: Dakota Dunifon – Upper Scioto Valley
G: Seth Sargent – Lehman Catholic
T: Jordan Brown – Elgin
T: Kevin Miller – Perry
K: Michael Denning – Lehman Catholic

First Team – Defense
DL: Michael Bunker – Lehman Catholic
DL: Gavin Stallard – Riverside
DL: Jordan Brown – Elgin
DL: Dakota Dunifon –Upper Scioto Valley
LB: Kolton Keith – Upper Scioto Valley
LB: Drew Barhorst – Lehman Catholic
LB: Austin Money – Perry
LB: Nole Criswell – Elgin
DB: Owen Smith – Lehman Catholic
DB: Brandon Barhorst – Lehman Catholic
DB: Dillan Maxwell – Perry
DB: JJ Overs – Upper Scioto Valley
P: Quinn Sanders – Upper Scioto Valley

Second Team – Offense
QB: Louie Hoersten – Perry
RB: Shane Overly – Perry
RB: Kolton Keith – Upper Scioto Valley
RB: Dustin Klenke – Waynesfield-Goshen
End: Brandon Barhorst – Lehman Catholic
End: Logan Lease – Hardin Northern
TE: Tanner Hurley – Waynesfield-Goshen
C: Korey Bosart – Elgin
G: Nole Criswell – Elgin
G: Aaron Rush – Perry
T: Logan Richard – Lehman Catholic
T: Andrew Racine – Riverside
P: Kameron Lee – Lehman Catholic

Second Team – Defense
DL: Shane Overly – Perry
DL: Sam Young – Lehman Catholic
DL: Judge Fisher – Elgin
DL: Martel White – Perry
DL: Bryce Hipsher – Hardin Northern
DL: Dustin Klenke – Waynesfield-Goshen
LB: Nick Hall – Riverside
LB: Braiden Sherman – Lehman Catholic
LB: Brayden Owens – Perry
LB: Preston Pertuset – Elgin
DB: Chazz Jackson – Perry
DB: Nate Hickman – Elgin
DB: Owen Weatherill – Hardin Northern
DB: Ethan Mouser – Ridgemont

Honorable Mention
Brandon Kelly – Elgin
Santana Galvan – Elgin
Dorian Ross – Elgin
James Rickenbacher – Hardin Northern
Nick Adams – Hardin Northern
Lance Good – Hardin Northern
Michael Wesner – Lehman Catholic
Tyler Sollmann – Lehman Catholic
Nick Largent – Lehman Catholic
Eric Jackson – Perry
J.T. Taviano – Perry
DeVares Glenn – Perry
Liam Kearns – Ridgemont
LJ Jackson – Ridgemont
Tyrese Patterson – Ridgemont
Hunter Russell – Riverside
Luke Roby – Riverside
Mason Sacks – Riverside
Draven Roberts – Upper Scioto Valley
Jason Moots – Upper Scioto Valley
Devan Sousley – Upper Scioto Valley
Rafael DeLeon – Waynesfield-Goshen
Kyle Searson – Waynesfield-Goshen
Joel Rickle – Waynesfield-Goshen