(11-23-17) Rockford (Illinois) Public Schools (RPS 205) has four high schools in its system, Auburn, East, Guilford and Jefferson.

This year you can see what a ‘big city’ school district can do to fix their sporting programs, this year in boys basketball it is quite evident that there is a transfer issue taking place within the system.  It is much easier for athletes in the same district to transfer and to become eligible, the IHSA has in place several methods for that to take place.

The Rockford Register-Star and Sports Fan 1330 proves that this is taking place in the system by their headlines and preseason stories on the upcoming season.

Rockford Register-Star

Sports Fan 1330

In the past Auburn has been the one with the fingers pointed at them, this year they have lost several top players to some of the RPS 205 members, including an All-NIC 10 guard to Jefferson.

One bylaw being considered by the IHSA membership is one that would put CPS transfer and eligibility issues directly in the hands of the association. Chicago,  unlike other IHSA members, rule on those issue for schools in their system. Transfers in and out of some schools is pretty prevalent, especially in boys basketball. But with current IHSA transfer rules in place, it most likely won’t stop the numerous transfers.

IHSA Chicago by-law

Illinois seems to have transfer ‘poison ivy’, it seems to be widespread across the state, as member schools don’t want to be left behind.

RPS 205, in the past, will not issue a statement on transfers, the state will also not issue statements on individual transfers.

For many years public schools cried ‘foul’ when it came to transfer issues, those days are long gone as public schools continue to do it without remorse.