(11-29-17) Currently Illinois High School Association (IHSA) Private school members with over 200 in enrollment have not been allowed to be a part of a coop program (Only private schools with non-multiplied enrollments of 200 or less are eligible to form cooperative teams). That will continue to be the policy after the IHSA rejected a proposal to let them also be a part of or forming coop teams.

The U-46 school district could have a girls’ lacrosse cooperative this spring, students from Bartlett, Elgin, Larkin, South Elgin and Streamwood and two boys’ lacrosse co-ops  for students from Bartlett and Streamwood and for Elgin, Larkin and South Elgin students.

2017-18 IHSA Enrollments

  • Bartlett – 2,491
  • Elgin – 2,571
  • Larkin – 2,091
  • South Elgin – 2,733
  • Streamwood – 1,988

Terri Lozier, U-46 Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Instruction and Equity told the Daily Herald (11-28-17):

“What we decided to do is have an east side, west side co-op and do a gradual release of funding. It will come under the jurisdiction of U-46.”

‘Super team’ is mentioned (in the IHSA bylaw #3 summary below) due to some public schools taking advantage of the current bylaws. A recent example is the Prairie Ridge (coop team) that draws athletes from Cary-Grove, Crystal Lake Central, Crystal Lake South and Prairie Ridge, they have won the State title in three consecutive years.

2017-18 IHSA Enrollments

  • Cary-Grove – 1,731
  • Crystal Lake Central – 1,545
  • Crystal Lake South – 1,524
  • Prairie Ridge – 1,457

In Rockford the four RPS 205 girls coop golf team has been very successful, it won its third conference championship in four years.

2017-18 IHSA Enrollments

  • Auburn – 1,865
  • East -1,994
  • Guilford – 1,721
  • Jefferson – 1,632

Proposal was Submitted by Peter Groom, Principal, Oak Park Fenwick

IHSA Private School coop Revise By-law 2.030

Rockford Lutheran Executive Director Don Gillingham told SSN before the bylaw was rejected:

The proposal from Private schools asks for simple fairness. Teachers, coaches and administrators, mostly, went into education to walk with kids as they grow. Equal opportunity should be the standard in all that we do. How can it be fair to have a coop team with four public schools of nearly 2,000 and not allow two private schools that are both under 200 to provide the same opportunity for their athletes.

The coop bylaw, will not be voted on by the membership, was rejected by the IHSA Legislative Commission and was not included in the 6 of the 28 that were approved.