(1-21-18) – The Buffalo News features another story about a conflict between a Hall of Fame Coach (in three sports) and parents of his athletes. It continues to be an issue in high school athletics across the country.


Maple Grove’s (NY) Curt Fischer, who has coached the Red Dragons football, basketball and softball teams at a very high level sent an email to the Buffalo News on Friday in making the announcement.

They say with every ending there is a new beginning and after 25 years it is time for a change. It is with a heavy heart that I announce the end of my coaching career at Maple Grove High School. Over the past 25 years a lot has changed but my love for the students and community that backed me will not. State titles and awards have never been the reason for my love of coaching. The ability to watch students develop from the little brother or sister watching on the sideline to student athlete and achieve success in their lives is an honor that will remain with me for life. Accepting blame and ridicule is part of coaching and something I took in stride for many years but now that my children are part of the process it is time for me to become a father and not a coach. I wish my successors much success in continuing the winning tradition on and off the field. I wish the school administration the best and thank them for the last 25 years. The future success of the football and basketball programs will take support and backing of the administration as well as our student athlete family’s so I hope changes can be made. I want to express my deepest thanks to all that have become a positive part of my life. I will hold onto those memories to drive my coaching enthusiasm into the future.


Curt Fischer

He told the Buffalo News:

“The parents don’t care for me here so I don’t know what else to say. I guess I’m intimidating to the players. … It wasn’t a good thing.

“It’s been a year-long thing. … It’s coming to the head because it’s hurting my children.”

The Bemus Point Central School District school board president John Novotny issued the following joint statement Friday afternoon:

“Curt Fischer asked for and was granted an unpaid leave of absence from his position of varsity boys basketball coach. The leave was approved at our Jan. 8 Board of Education meeting. Mr. Fischer has since informed the District that he is resigning his position of varsity boys’ basketball coach. Regarding Mr. Fischer’s status as football coach. As per the collectively negotiated agreement with our faculty association, all athletic coaching positions are posted annually and the District appoints all athletic coaches on an annual basis. Coaching positions for the fall season, including varsity football, are posted in May and generally appointed at the June Board of Education meeting. As such, no decision has been made regarding the varsity football coaching position. However, it is our understanding that Mr. Fischer intends to step away from coaching to spend more time with his family. The Bemus Point Central School District deeply appreciates Mr. Fischer’s commitment to our student athletes throughout his career and wish him well in the future.”