Todd Brannan

(3-13-18) Todd Brannan took the Rockford Jefferson job in the summer of 2008 and has now decided it is time to step down.

		NIC 10	Overall
2008-09 	10-6	20-8 
2009-10 	12-4	22-8 
2010-11		 5-11 	 9-18 
2011-12 	 6-10	12-16
2012-13 	 9-7	19-14 
2013-14 	 8-8	18-13
2014-15 	12-4	23-9 
2015-16 	11-5	16-15 
2016-17 	 9-7	18-14 
2017-18		*13-3	26-7

OVERALL		95-65  183-122
*NIC 10 Tri-Championship

Brannan just finished his most successful season leading the J-Hawks, inluding picking up a portion of the NIC 10 title, ending the season with a 26-7 overall record and losing to Elgin Larkin 60-55 in the Sectional Finals.

With the Belvidere North head coaching job being open speculation was that Brannan might be in line to become the Blue Thunder’s next coach.

In an email reply to SSN to questions, did he resign and the Belvidere North job:

I have resigned at Jefferson. My kids are in the Belvidere North School District and all 3 play sports. I don’t want to miss any more of their activities. The North job is open, but I have not interviewed.

With Brannan leaving the Jefferson job, it is the fourth NIC 10 job to open since the season ended, including North, Belvidere and Guilford.