(6-12-18) The IHSA  Board at their June Meeting approved several consent items, from the Advisory Committees. One that will catch the attention of many is the mercy rule in boys and girls basketball games.

Boys & Girls Basketball
1. Mercy rule will be used in all regular-season and regular-season tournament games.


Other stories from the June IHSA Board Meeting–

One item that was not included for approval in the consent portion of the meeting was the  the district proposal that the IHSA Football Advisory Committee that will be included in the 2019-20 legislative process.  It was discussed by the board during the discussion portion of the meeting.

Stories of interest:

The item is something the board could approve without a membership vote and a year long process, but the board decided not to do that and pass it on to the membership. There is no set rule and on which items go to the membership for a vote. One such item is how Regional placings are set-up is one of those issues that has not gone to the membership for a vote.

Current speculation by those in favor of district football replacing conference scheduling is that it will never pass a membership vote, it is basically a confrontation between conferences who have had no issues with memberships and schools that have changed numerours conferences over the years. The only possible way for it to pass is if the board approves it and that is something both sides agree on.