michelle h

(8-2-18) With the late departure of former varsity coach Chelsea Dowd, the Greenville volleyball program needed to find a head coach in a very short time.

That all happened 12 days before the start of the season when the Green Wave program hired former WSU-Lake coaches Michelle and Jim Hardesty (who are married)  who were hired as the Head and Varsity Assistant coaches.

The two Hardestys found out in June of 2017 that the women’s volleyball program at WSU-Lake  had been cut due to budget concerns.  It was an announcement none of them had expected to happen.

This is an opportunity for them to help a Greenville program that has struggled in recent years. Since the 2010 season, when they joined the GWOC, their best season was in 2011 at 12-12.

2017 8-16
2016 5-18
2015 2-21
2014 4-18
2013 9-12
2012 11-12
2011 12-12
2010 10-13

Michelle Hardesty told Greenville’s Early Bird News

“We love to win. We have done very well in the capacities that we have coached. We were hoping to build that program at Wright State Lake Campus but it got cut before we could actually get that done. We’ve had a lot of success with the Grand Lake Volleyball teams that we have coached in the past and I had good success at Celina as a JV coach. We love to win and that’s where our expectation is.”