(8-20-18) Granite City, Illinois – Photographs of the Granite City High School dance team shows some of the dancers in provocative poses with a local police department car, with the coach on top of the vehicle.

Granite City Schools Superintendent Jim Greenwald told Fox 2 News KPLR.

“It was a promotional shoot that should have been where kids could have a lot of fun along with their coaches, along with the police without anything inappropriate. Just looks like there were some bad decisions here.”

The entire situation has gone viral since it happened.

The school system has not decided how they will discipline those involved.

“The high school principal and the athletic director met with the coach last night and made clear that this was not appropriate and that they have to think before they act. They represent the school.”

The Granite City Police have not made a statement on the issue of their car being involved in the photo shoot.