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(9-23-18) The Upstate 8 will decide their future conference membership tomorrow (Monday) and will inform each school who presented their case on Wednesday.

Email to SSN from South Elgin Principal Brian Moran, who is overseeing the Upstate 8’s expansion search:

Here is what was shared with the principals of the four schools following their presentations last Wednesday.  


Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to present your story at South Elgin High School today.  We will be notifying school or schools of their acceptance or denial on Monday, September 24th.  

Thank you!

A follow-up email to Moran asked for information on the schools who presented and how many schools will be added, if any.  Moran has not reply to our request on those questions as of the posting of this update.

Only DeKalb verified that they presented at the Wednesday meeting.

Speculation would say that if the unknown schools are accepted, most likely that will cause another disruption in local conference make-ups (domino effect). In mid-October the IHSA could decide to have the membership to vote on future district play in football, that might cause another ‘big’ wave of conference changes.

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