(10-22-18) The way the IHSA has set-up the selection of teams for the High School playoffs there will always be a big advantage for a 10 member conference like the NIC 10.

This year five NIC 10 member schools qualified, conference champ Hononegah, Boylan, Harlem, Belvidere North and Rockford East. That is half of the conference, which is why NIC 10 member schools cringe when they hear talks of district play in the future.

nic 10 standings

Check out the numbers in the standings above, it is the perfect storm. Won-Lost records, 1st place Hononegah is 9-0 and last place Guilford is 0-9, in between for 2nd and 8th is 8-1, 7-2, 6-3, 5-4, 4-5,3-6, 2-7 and 1-8. Notice a pattern?

Now take a look at the opponents win column, Hononegah with 36 and last place Guilford with 45, now look at 2nd thru 8th, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44.

Sheldon Cooper – Big Bang Theory


Opponents wins allowed East to qualify with 40, the cut-off for 5-4 teams was at 38, a tie-breaker is defeated opponents win (if needed), the E-Rabs had 10, but that was not needed. The E-Rabs are the last seed in 7A.

Using East as an example, this season they did not beat a team with a winning record, all of their five wins came against the bottom five schools in the NIC 10, Freeport, Auburn, Belvidere, Jefferson and Guilford.The only wins those five had this season were against each other

That means Hononegah, who went 9-0, only beat four teams with winning record.  This makes it very hard to gage how good NIC 10 schools will be this week in the first round of the playoffs.

The E-Rabs, who are seeded #32 in 7A, will play on the road at #1 seed Chicago Simeon (9-0). The Wolverines have 6 wins over teams with winning records, including a win on the road in Ohio at Trotwood-Madison (6-3) 33-6.  They also have a win over Chicago city power Phillips 21-8. The bad news for the NIC 10, should Harlem win their home game against Lincoln-Way West (7-2), they will play the winner of the East-Simeon game.

Playoff games this week

  • 7A – #30 Buffalo Grove at #3 Hononegah
  • 7A – #17 Lincoln-Way West at #16 Harlem
  • 7A – #32 Rockford East at #1 Chicago Simeon
  • 6A – #10 Belvidere North at #6 Lakes
  • 5A – #14 Glenbard South at #3 Boylan

Wins over teams with winning record

  • 6 – Chicago Simeon
  • 2 – Lincoln-Way West
  • 2 – Lakes
  • 1 – Buffalo Grove
  • 0 – Glenbard South




How teams qualify for playoffs

In selecting the field of 256, wins are the most important playoff selection criterion. Opponents’ wins are used to break ties.

In determining the conference representative, three-way ties are broken by the fewest points allowed in games involving the three teams.

Automatic Bids

  • Conference Champions
  • Teams with 6 or more wins

Eligible for playoffs

  • any team with 5 wins – opponent wins
  • tie-breaker if needed – defeated opponents win