(1-31-19) What makes Minster football and the Midwest Athletic Conference one of the most dominant high school conferences in Ohio?

Some may say it is having athletes that can compete at a very high level, true. Great coaches who can plan a Friday night strategy against their opponents, true. Hard work during practices, true. Cutting down turnovers and quality special teams, true.

But if you look at the successful teams in the MAC you will find that they develop the complete person to be the best he can be in all walks of life and that leads to a well-balanced player on the field during his high school career and after they are done competing for the rest of their lives. It is a great formula that has worked in the MAC thanks to many of their coaches.


The apparent results of ‘The Mission‘ to Minster fans is wins and several state championships.  But long after their high school careers are finished Wildcat players will have learned from Coach Geron Stokes values that will carry them through life. Does it work for the MAC teams?

Coaches who seek more then just wins as the final result have a long history in the MAC –

WOSN TV You Tube Video – Tim Goodwin, John Reed Leadership Award Winner

‘Winning on the field and winning in life’

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