Video courtesy – Centre Daily Times


(2-15-19) Pennsylvania State Representative Scott Conklin (D-77) of Centre County will introduce the following amendment to the Act 219 0f 1972:

“For the purpose of playoffs and awarding championships, the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association shall establish separate playoff systems and championships for athletics for public schools and private schools admitted under subsection (a).”

The topic of separate tournaments has been a statewide debate for several years, but during this time the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association  (PIAA) decided they could not act on a change like that due to a 1972 law.

Bounds together private and public schools under the PIAA; any procedural decoupling of state champs runs counter to that law, by letter or spirit, and opens the threat of litigation or worse

State Representative Scott Conklin

Conklin  presented the amendment to the Pennsylvania Coaches Association last night,  in a story by the Daily Timess Conklin said:

“All we’re doing is we’re going to set up two competitive playoff systems with two champions that at the end of the day, if you’re a school that’s recruiting worldwide, you will be playing like schools. If you’re a school that’s restricted that you can only recruit within your school district, you will be playing against schools that are within their school districts.”

Separate tournaments has been a topic around the US, this amendment will be viewed by many school officials and state associations.